Sajjala lashes out Naidu 

Amaravati : Squarely blaming TDP leadership for the Gannavaram incident, YSRCP General Secretary Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said police maintained utmost retraint while a section of media has been spreading venom as is its wont. 
Speaking to media here on Wednesday, he lashed out at a section of media for publishing a fake news  that TDP spokesperson Pattabhiram was beaten up by the police in connection with Gannavaram clashes.

TDP friendly media has  published old photos of the TDP leader which proves that news being published by the yellow media is worse than explosives. It is for the people to judge credibility if such media, he said.

On Gannavaram clashes, he said that it was Pattabhiram who made derogatory comments on MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi Mohan and visited Gannavaram leading to a clash.  Why can't police register cases against the TDP leaders for their remarks and attack on the police, he questioned. Recalling that YSRCP while in Opposition refrained from such activities abiding strictly to the law, though several leaders were harrassed by the police he said.
The general secretary further said that for the last two years, it has become a routine for the TDP leaders to portray something is happening in the State and create unrest among the people which was highly deplorable. TDP leaders are trying to cheat the people with their diversion politics and  intentionally carrying out false propaganda against the State Government, at a time when the lion share of seats are given to the BCs in the MLC elections. 

He also alleged that, “It is Naidu’s craze for publicity that led to the deaths of the people in Kandukur and Guntur. To prevent such incidents, the State Government has brought GO 1. Though the Government suggested to organise public meetings in open grounds, Naidu is still organising his meetings on roads playing with the lives of people.

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