Chandrababu Only Likes To Show Off

Vizianagaram (Cheepurupalli): YSRCP observer
of Vizianagaram parliamentary constituency, Bellana Chandrasekhar opined that
Chandrababu had been showing off ‘Eruvaka’ programme in order to divert people’s
attention. He initiated the distribution of rice seeds at Ramalingapuram
village on Tuesday. Speaking on this occasion, he remarked that Eruvaka
programme was supposed to sidetrack everybody’s attention from the robbery
going on in the state.

Chandrasekhar mentioned that it was
ridiculous of Chandrababu to now conduct Eruvaka programme, after the farmers
in the state had ploughed and sown seeds in their fields. He opined that Chandrababu
had to keep his word given to the farmers about loan waiver if he really had
any affection towards them and stop to show off and bluff people while looting
their money to conduct programmes like Eruvaka. Participating in the programme
were PACS president Reva;;a Sattibabu, mandal party leaders Ippili Anantham, Karimajji
Srinivasa Rao, sarpanchs of Ramalingapuram and Alajangi villages and Kandi

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