Chandrababu’s remarks on AP High Court are derogatory

Hyderabad: The remarks of Chandrababu Naidu on AP High Court are derogatory and attract the provisions of insulting the constitutional body and casting aspersions which are tantamount to serious offence, YSR Congress has said.
Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, the party General Secretary and spokesperson C Ramachandraiah said, ‘the remarks of Chandrababu Naidu denigrate and attracts the legal provisions for insulting the courts and President of India.
The division of High Court has been approved by the President and the TDP leader speaking in such a derogatory way is a fit case for the judiciary to take suo motu action and prosecute him for the derogatory remarks," he said.
The senior YSRCP leader pointed out that institutions do not work for individuals and that everyone has to function within the framework of the Constitution. Ramachandraiah added, "if Chandrababu Naidu thinks that he is above law, it is display of sheer arrogance which cannot be tolerated in a civil society,".
The senior party spokesman said that there is no reason as to why the TDP leadership should oppose the decision of High Court. Further, his remarks about the reopening of cases of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy makes no sense, he said.
Chandrababu Naidu himself is staying in an illegal construction and has been spending money heavily on hotels for meetings as there is no proper infrastructure for officials and he has been always active in pursuing his personal and business agenda leaving the people in the lurch, he pointed out.
While Chandrababu Naidu left the joint capital of Hyderabad in a hurry lock, stock and barrel overnight how can the creation of a separate High Court be objectionable, Ramachandraiah wondered. The state had promised to get a building ready for the High Court by December 15 but now it is singing a different tune, he said.
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