18-07-2024 11:29 PM
After coming to power, the TDP led coalition government immediately targeted those who didn't support them in the recently concluded elections. They have targeted the known sympathisers of our party...


15-07-2024 08:49 PM
Speaking to the media at the party central office here on Monday, Former Minister Dr Merugu Nagarjuna said the white paper is full of baseless and false allegations and Chandrababu Naidu didn't show...


13-07-2024 12:30 PM
Going into details of the case, Ponnavolu Sudhakar Reddy mentioned that an FIR with Crime No. 187/2024 was registered against former Chief Minister Mr. Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy and some police officers...
13-07-2024 12:29 PM
Referring to the Polavaram project, the former minister said that it was due to Chandrababu's greed for commissions and non-compliance with protocols, the Polavaram project faced numerous issues and...


07-07-2024 04:52 PM
He was a member of the Indian National Congress and was known for his populist policies and charismatic leadership.


06-07-2024 10:50 AM
The published news is entirely false and politically motivated, designed to damage  reputation, the MP said. He clarified that he has no knowledge or interest in the mentioned lands, and this news...


16-05-2024 06:58 PM
The party condemned the one-sided police response and inaction, which seemed to protect TDP interests and exacerbate violence instigated by the opposition.
16-05-2024 06:05 PM
A delegation from the YSRCP, led by Minister Botcha Satyanarayana, convened with Governor Justice S. Abdul Nazeer at Raj Bhavan on Thursday. 


15-05-2024 10:52 AM
 Andhra Pradesh DGP Harish Gupta, State Home Minister Taneti Vanitha spoke on phone.


11-05-2024 06:15 PM
Pawan Kalyan, who left for Hyderabad to get relief from cold, would not stay here if elected as MLA, he said, adding that the actor would not be accessible for people. He further asked people how can...
11-05-2024 06:14 PM
Farmers and self-employed sections like Nayee Brahmins, tailors and fishermen have also been empowered with schemes like Rythu Bharosa, input subsidy, RBKs, Jagananna Thodu, Vahana Mitra, Chethodu,...
11-05-2024 06:13 PM
So far, nine lakh registrations were completed and all the owners were given original documents only, he said, adding TDP and Jana Sena leaders also bought lands in Visakhapatnam and they should tell...


10-05-2024 07:47 PM
He urged the people to teach a befitting lesson to the Congress Party, which has got lesser votes than NOTA last time, by electing YSRCP candidates with huge majorities  
10-05-2024 07:47 PM
Every time he asked the question, the meeting echoed with a resounding no in unison. When the Chief Minster.  flaunting the 2014 TDP election manifesto copy, read out each of the main promises and...
10-05-2024 07:45 PM
If you want the volunteer system to be reinstated, monthly social pensions delivered at door step, the reforms in education, agriculture and medical and health sectors


09-05-2024 08:45 PM
Despite ruling the State for 14 years, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has.d shown scant respect to his manifesto, he said. Schemes like Amma Vodi, Vidya Deevena
09-05-2024 08:44 PM
Are your children pursuing education in local languages, he asked the alliance leaders, cautioning the people that a vote for TDP and allies will get rid of the opportunity of pursuing studies
09-05-2024 08:41 PM
On one hand, he has aligned with the BJP and on the other, he is wooing Muslims for votes, the Chief Minister said. Brushing aside the objections on Muslim reservations,


07-05-2024 09:27 PM
What is the rational in aligning with such a corrupt politician, he asked Modi. 
07-05-2024 09:25 PM
The three districts of North Andhra have been reorganised into six districts as part of decentralisation and the works of Rs. 4400 crore Moolapeta Port and Bhogapuram International airport
07-05-2024 09:22 PM
The film star agreed to sail with but on the condition that he would take the backseat and will be sipping tea from a glass and would not go beyond (peddling).


06-05-2024 09:12 PM
Explaining further, he said that the Act was meant to give guarantee on a permanent basis on the disputes-free ownership of land to the landholders by updating records,
06-05-2024 09:10 PM
YSRCP fulfilled 99.5 per cent of its election promises and implemented various welfare schemes in the last 59 months while TDP’s history shows that Chandrababu Naidu dumped his manifesto into the...
06-05-2024 09:08 PM
Government has also created 2.31 lakh Government jobs and distributed 31 lakh house site pattas besides constructing 22 lakh houses for weaker sections,


03-05-2024 11:12 PM
Addressing a huge public meeting here on Friday, the Chief Minister said that Naidu has already shown his true colours by not making a mention of pensions in his Super 6 and Super 7 advertisement...
03-05-2024 11:09 PM
In contrast, the YSRCP, regards its manifesto as Bhagavad Gita, Quran and the Bible, brought in revolutionary changes in the administration in the last 58 months and ensured door delivery of monthly...
03-05-2024 11:07 PM
Addressing a huge election meeting here on Friday, the Chief Minister reminded, the 2014 election manifesto of TDP and its subsequent dumping into the dustbin by Chandrababu Naidu


01-05-2024 08:06 PM
The Chief Minister rubbished the Opposition’s malicious propaganda on Land Titling Act and affirmed the main intention of the Government is to reinforce the rights of people on their lands and not...


30-04-2024 08:49 PM
Inefficient people get angry when they realize their helplessness and the outbursts of Naidu and his gang stem out of endless frustration, he said. He said that people should be aware of the...


29-04-2024 06:42 PM
Following the state's bifurcation, Hyderabad was supposed to be the joint capital for 10 years, but due to Chandrababu Naidu’s involvement in cash for vote case, it became govinda… govindaa, said...


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