What’s happening in the Capital..!

Guntur: The way things are happening and the way they are campaigned and projected is completely different in the Capital region. Naidu government is projecting itself that whatever the promises made for land pooling are taken care, thought they are not done in reality.

The government has promised a lot to the farmers in the past but when it comes to practicality, it comes to the compensation; the government is cheating and projecting false figures. Government mentioned that compensation will be given for all assigned lands however, only 938 acres of land is provided compensation while the total land is 2040 acres. Remaining land is skipped easily. They mention it as dispute lands. Till now the way land is given compensation is still not clear in Lanka village.

They bluffed that they would provide training to farmers in skill development institutions. A total of 24000 members had been recognized for this purpose to provide training for these selected. However, there are more than 50000 workers. This means less than half of the workers are given that opportunity. Later, only 6000 people were claimed to be eligible and at last 250 people were trained.

Promises were announced grandly to provide pension for landless poor. Here 50,000 of poor were expected to receive the pension among one lakh poor. Eventually, 23,500 persons were considered written for pension on the paper. Finally, only 13,019 people were given pensions.

Individual lacking opportunities for employment were promised to be supported by the employment guarantee scheme. Till now there is no clarity on this. On paper, it is stated that 30000 members were provided employment among 150000 members. In the end, however, 1980 have been selected for plantation.

Then there were assuring about free medicine to public and free education for children. Until now, the guidelines have not been released. Promises were made to set up canteens to provide low cost food to the poor. Not a single canteen was opened in the area.

This way, though the promises were ensured in the capital region, only 10% were implemented while 90% are left unimplemented till date. But the campaign is made as if they have fulfilled 100% of their promises.
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