People burdened with various taxes: Sharmila

Sharmila castigated
Chief Minister Kirankumar Reddy for not planning in advance for the power
problems and burdening people with huge fuel surcharge adjustment (FSA).

Addressing an impromptu
meeting at Binigera village in Kurnool district during the course of her Maro
Praja Prasthanam, Sharmila reminded that poor people used to get a monthly
power bill of Rs. 50 with continuous power supply during YSR regime.

“Now, there is no
continuous power supply but monthly power bills have gone up multifold making
the lives of poor and middle class people burdensome,” she said, adding that
the Government has been extracting money from people in shape of various taxes.

People are financially
suffering because of hefty hike in RTC bus charges, cooking gas prices and
power charges. She observed. “It seems the CM is in deep slumber while the
people are facing the brunt of the raising prices,” she said.

Some beneficiaries of
Arogya Sri Scheme met Sharmila and expressed their gratitude saying they are
very much indebted to YSR as they had successfully undergone heart operations
under the scheme during YSR regime.

At several places, agricultural
laborers complained to Sharmila they are not getting regular works and their
daily wages are also very less.

 (Updated on Nov 14, 2012)

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