Is fear the message government*s sending: YS jagan

Leader of opposition YS jagan asked straight question to chandrababu
government on Rishiteswari suicide case. He tweeted in social media
website Twitter on this subject. Rishiteswari, an architecture student
was killed herself in hostel room of Acharya Nagarjuna University,
Gunture. She wrote a suicide note and explain the details. But there is
no action on culprits due to political and other reasons. 

jagan asked questions about the negligence of government on
investigation of the case. He raised objections in his tweets. He
tweeted  **Despite a clear
suicide note in Rishiteshwari case its painful & agonising to see that the
ghastly incident finds its way into cold storage.**. He raised a question **Is
"fear" the msg Govt's sending to our civilised society,to our future
generation and to our parents. When will this Govt give confidence ?

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