YSRCP fully entitled to issue whip

Hyderabad, June 30,
2014: Castigating the TDP for unabashedly encouraging defections for gaining
undue political advantage in the ensuing elections to the Municipal, Mandal and
Zilla Parishat chairmen, YSRCP asked the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh to stop
forthwith resorting to unethical and undemocratic practices of buying
councilors and local body members in the open market with its money power.

Referring to the open
invitation extended to the YSRCP Municipal councilors, MPTC and ZPTC members by
TDP leader Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy to defect to his party, party senior
leaders Dr. M.V. Mysura Reddy and Ambati Rambabu today warned the ruling party that
its open encouragement to defection will soon boomerang on it.

Chandramohana Reddy has openly invited our councilors, MPTC and ZPTC members to
join TDP saying that the YSRCP’s whip is not valid and will not cause any
disqualification if they defect to TDP,” Mysura said, making it clear that
YSRCP’s whip is fully valid. “The defectors are bound to lose their

He said YSRCP is already
a recognized party and the chairmen elections are taking place in the first
week of July. “We are fully entitled to issue whip which will be hundred per
cent valid. Somireddy Chandramohana Reddy’s reference to the Singam
Satyanarayana Vs Elections Commission case is totally irrelevant here.  As TRS was not a recognized political party
in 2001, the HC said its whip was not valid in the case. But ours is a
recognized political party now and we can issue whip,” Mysura said and added: “
A party need not be recognized party for issuing whip in case of MPs, MLCs and
MLAs but in case of local body and Municipal chairman polls, only recognized
parties can give whip. And we are already a recognized party.”

The election commission
has already informed the District Collectors that YSRCP is also entitled to
issue whip in the ensuing elections, he observed, adding that TDP is only trying
to confuse people on the issue.

Ambati Rambabu asked
the TDP leadership to concentrate on implementing its poll promises instead of
encouraging defections in a brazen manner for its undue political advantage.
“Somireddy’s argument that YSRCP cannot issue whip is without any logic. He
must have gone mad to say this.”


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