YSRCP deplores hush-hush passage of T bill

Hyderabad, Feb 18,
2014: Coming down heavily on the Cong-led UPA Government for ensuring passage
of Telangana bill in Lok Sabha in a hush-hush manner, YSRCP has said that the
Congress leadership has committed a fraud on Indian democracy through its
deplorable act.

Addressing media
people here on Tuesday along with party spokespersons Vasreddy Padma,
JupudiPrabhakar and Gattu Ramachandra Rao, Ambati Rambabu deplored the passage
of the bill keeping the public in darkness. Rambabu sought an explanation from
the BJP for its silent support to passing the T bill with voice vote despite
its high talk on rendering justice to Seemandhra area all these days and its
asking Congress not to pass the bill with voice vote.

“The Government has
finished the task of passing the T bill without letting the country know of the
happenings in Lok Sabha by not allowing media persons and switching off the
live telecast of the House proceedings by LS TV. BJP owes an explanation to the
nation on their support to the bill after talking of justice to the Seemandhra
area,” he stated and asked BJP: “Is it the result of your collusion with Cong?”
All democratic persons should question the unconstitutional act of the UPA
Government, Rambabu said.

Party spokesperson
Jupudi Prabhakar, who also addressed reporters, lashed out at the passage of
the T bill saying that Congress raised the T bogey and resorted to division of
the state to take on YSRCP chief Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy aiming at reducing
his political clout.

“BJP also exhibited
its 4-tongued political duplicity over Telangana issue in collusion with
Congress,” he said and added: “Nothing is yet over on Telangana. The bill needs
to be passed by Rajya Sabha. Supreme Court also may examine the issue in

Prabhakar asked people
to teach a fitting lesson to the Congress in the next elections for its
despicable act of passing the T bill in secrecy.

Vasireddy Padma and Gattu Ramachandra Rao said the UPA Government had given all
parliamentary conventions in passing the T bill. “Both Congress and BJP will be
taught a fitting lesson by the people in the forthcoming elections for the
undemocratic act,” they warned.

Ramachandra Rao said the T bill passage in Lok Sabha is the result of an
agreement between Congress and BJP. “Perhaps this is the result of an agreement
between Sonia and BJP leaders under which Sonia would be allowed to escape to
Italy and all pending cases against BJP leaders revoked.” he observed.

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