YS Jagan Stands As One In A Million

  • YS Jagan offering support to
    the distressed
  • Rythu Bharosa Yatra at Kurnool
    comes to an end
  • Jananeta in support of families
    orphaned by suicides
  • YSRCP president sharing the
    agony of the aged and the handicapped
  • Ensuring support to the farmers
    at loss
  • Devotional visit to Mallanna
    temple, church and dargah
  • 6-day tour in Srisailam
  • Grand welcome at every village
  • Kurnool: It has been three years since Chandrababu came
    to power in AP, but not one of his campaign promises have been realised.
    It was promised that Babu’s governance would bring along jobs and mortgaged
    gold with it. Farmers’ loans were promised to be waived unconditionally. Over
    not getting loans waived, farmers had to face drought for the last three years.

    With mounted debts and
    destroyed and withered crops, farmers resorted to commit suicide. The leader of
    opposition and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, initiated Rythu Bharosa Yatra at such
    a time of crisis to ensure his support to the farmers. Having performed the
    yatra earlier in Ananthapuram district, he started the first phase of the yatra
    in Kurnool district on the 5th of January. He toured in Srisailam
    constituency for 6 days, like never before from a leader of such stature.

    The leader received
    grand welcome at every village. People received him with great level of
    affection. He spent the 6 days, offering his assurance to the aged and the
    handicapped and filling inspiration in the youth. Irrespective of the variable
    weather conditions people lined up to meet him.

    Offering assurance to
    the distressed

    YSRCP president, YS
    Jagan, moved forward to stand by the people disgusted by the three-year long
    tyrannical rule of Chandrababu. He pacified the families of those farmers who
    had committed suicide in Velugodu, Bandi Atmakuru, Mahanandi mandals of
    Srisailam constituency. He assured courage in them.

    The yatra started in
    Sunnipenta with a road show after examination of Srisailam project by YS Jagan.
    YS Jagan consoled the family of YSRCP SC cell district president, Vasantha Rao,
    who had been brutally killed by TDP people in 2015.

    On the 6th of
    January, he paid a devotional visit to Lord Mallikarjuna in Srisailam. Then, he
    reached Dornala and decorated the statue of Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy and paid
    tribute to him. Then he addressed the huge gathering. Later, he toured in
    Nallamala forest and spoke to the tribals of Chenchu community. A road show was
    held in Venkatapuram, Krishnapuram and Amalapuram of Atmakuru mandal. Speaking
    in the public meeting arranged at Goud centre of Atmakuru that evening, he
    slammed Chandrababu’s governance. Then he participated in the special prayers
    held in Indiranagar church.

    He inaugurated three
    statues of YSR, built by his followers at Karivena village. That evening he
    visited YSR memorial park and paid homage to him and spoke to the staff working

    On the 7th of
    January, the third day of the yatra began at Velpanuru village of Velugodu
    mandal. First he performed pujas at local Ankalamma temple and then
    participated in the road show. He examined KC canal and paddy and black gram fields
    of Abdullapuram village and shared the problems of farmers. He decorated the
    statue of YSR at Velugodu with flower garlands and paid homage to him. Then, he
    visited the family of farmer Chakali Venkateswarlu at Boirevula village and
    comforted them. Later, he spoke to paddy farmers of Motukuru village.

    On the 8th of
    January, from Velpanuru, the fourth day of the Rythu Bharosa Yatra commenced.
    YS Jagan reached Lingapuram village via Chinna Devalapuram and inaugurated YSR’s
    statue there. A road show was held at JC palem, Singavaram and Kadamalakalva.

    On the fifth day of the
    yatra, he participated in prayers at Lingapuram church, YS Jagan toured in
    Bandi Atmakuru mandal. He held special poojas at Omkaram and spoke to the
    people of Chenchu community in the place to inquire about their well-being. He
    inaugurated the statue of YSR at Vengalareddypeta. Then he reached B.Koduru
    village and condoled with the family of farmer Chand Basha, who had committed
    suicide sue to mounted debts. That night, he consoled the family of farmer
    Chinna Swamy who had also committed suicide earlier, at Timmapuram village of
    Mahanandi mandal.

    On the sixth day, the
    yatra began from Mahanandi mandal. YS Jagan paid a devotional visit to
    Mahanandiswara temple and held pujas there. Then he visited turmeric farmers
    and inquired about their well-being. Finally, YS Jagan spoke at the public
    meeting held at Gajulapalli village.

    Grand welcome everywhere

    During the Rythu Bharosa
    Yatra held by the leader of opposition YS Jagan, people participated with
    multiplied enthusiasm. They shared their problems and agony with the Jananeta.
    Regretting to have voted for Chandrababu, they revealed how they had been taken
    away by his fake promises and betrayed.

    As the people’s leader
    walked along the crop fields, inquiring about farmers’ and labouers’ well-being
    and sharing their agony, they were rejoiced to share him their feelings. He
    greeted the aged with affection and shared hugs with children. The youth
    competed to take ‘selfies’ with him.

    The Jananeta moved by
    the suffering

    During his Rythu Bharosa
    Yatra in Kurnool district, he was moved by the devastated state of agricultural
    sector in those mandals. He examined paddy, red gram, black gram, maize and
    turmeric fields and spoke to farmers. Farmers revealed to him how they had not
    been able to get fair price for their produce and how their crops had been
    infested by pests. YS Jagan assured them that he would take care of all farmers’
    problems in his rule.

    The aged came forward to
    meet YS Jagan with utmost difficulty. The handicapped revealed their problems
    to him. They welcomed the leader who had come to share their pain, despite it
    not being elections time. YS Jagan is definitely one in a million. YSRCP leaders are proud to walk along with such a
    dedicated leader.



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