Will take SCS to ntl. Plank

Guntur, Feb 16: Stressing the need for
sustainable development which is only possible with Special Category Status
(SCS), Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that Chandrababu
Naidu has been viciously sabotaging the benefit for his personal gains but YSR
Congress will take the fight forward and the elected representatives would quit
once the Monsoon Session of Parliament begins to bring the issue to the
national limelight.

 Speaking at the Yuva Bheri programme
here on Thursday YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that over the years
the country and state has seen development in all fields but Chandrababu Naidu
by rejecting SCS has been putting the clock of development backwards depriving
the youth their due share in terms of progress and growth of the economy of the

 The management of economics of any state
depends on how it retains the existing growth rate and plans for future
development and this can be possible only though SCS. We have to compete with
developed states and cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and others where
large number of establishments in public and private sector exists providing
job opportunities to youth. With SCS our future generations need not go to
other places for jobs, youth from other parts will come to our state in search
of jobs as the states attracts investments and creates employment
opportunities, he said.

 Not that the State does not know this.
During electioneering Venkaiah Naidu and Chandrababu Naidu have spoken in
favour of SCS. Now it is the same Chandrababu Naidu who is sabotaging any
attempt demanding the SCS. The dharna programmes, rallies and others are
scuttled misusing official machinery.

 ‘When I went to Vizag to participate in
a Candle Light Rally demanding SCS, I was stopped at the airport and sent back
to Hyderabad. While we have called for bus roko or rail roko, Chandababu has
resorted to plane roko,’ he said.

 Mortgaging the state interest at Delhi,
Chandrababu has become a Brutus backstabbing the SCS Caesar and playing with
the lives of youth. NTR must be stirring in his grave as the basic ideology of
that Party has been distorted.

 When it comes to investments in this new
state, the Chief Minister has been giving false and baseless figures. What one
has to remember is the figures shown in the MoUs are not the actual investment
figures but only a proposal and there are other phases for completion of the

 While Chandrababu Naidu claims that MoUs
to a tune of Rs 4.67 lakh crores were signed and investments worth Rs 2.82 lakh
crores have come in. But in reality, according to Central government data, in
the calendar year 2016, Andhra Pradesh has received only Rs 34,646 crores of
IEMs (Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum).  It is not necessary that all
the units that filed IEM must set up industries.

 The previous year figures will give a
reality picture. In 2015 while Rs 21,300 crore worth EIMs were filed only Rs
4,542 crore were implemented. In 2014 while EIMs worth Rs 21, 526 crores were
filed only Rs 2,804 crores were implemented. Some of the persons who signed the
MoUs can hardly be called as industrialists, he said.

 Investments do not come with the face
value of Chief Minister, they flow in on basis of incentives and the proactive
industrial policies of the state government. SCS gives immense incentives and
tax reliefs for investors and this is the only way to attract investments and
create employment opportunities and attain sustainable economic development.

 But Chandrababu Naidu has sent enough
signals to the Centre that there is no need for SCS. Only 11 states have SCS
and the quantum of funds in proportion to population is huge when compared to
Andhra Pradesh.

We will continue to fight for SCS and
our elected representatives will resign once the Parliament session begins to
let the nation know about the injustice, he said.

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