What is the basis for T formation? : Ambati

Hyderabad, Aug 14, 2013:
Accusing the Congress of playing a new drama every day on the issue of Telangana,
YSR Congress Party demanded the Congress Party leadership to reveal the basis on
which the division was announced.

“Chidambaram had given
contradictory replies to the debate on the T issue. What was the basis for the
division first of all? Is it the Congress party opinion or the Srikrishna Committee
report or the letter submitted by TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu?” he asked the Congress

If none of these has
formed the basis, Congress should announce that it has taken the decision at
its will and pleasure, he told reporters.

Rambabu said the
Congress central leadership has been subjecting the people to confusion with
the contradictory statements. “Some Congress leaders say Telangana Bill will be
introduced in the present session of parliament while Chidambaram said there is
no deadline for it,” Ambati said.

He said Chidamabaram
had announced that wide discussions were held before taking the decision and
asked him to reveal the names of leaders with whom the talks were held. “If
talks were held, why did you appoint the Antony Committee? And what is its
purpose?” Rambabu has asked.

YSR Congress Party has
been demanding that any solution to Telangana should be acceptable to all
regions and should take into consideration the problems of all regions so that
equal justice would be done to all, he observed.

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