Unending stories of love for Jagan

Anantapuram, Oct 26,
2012:  While people continue to narrate
their untold stories of suffering to Sharmila during her Padayatra, there are
also unending stories of people not getting tired of showering their love and
affection on her.

One Gajjela Krishna
Reddy of Rompicherla Mandalam in Guntur district, who walked along YSR during
his Padayatra in 2003 for a distance of 500 km in East Godavari district, is
now walking along with Sharmila during her Padayatra without wearing any sort
of footwear.

Krishna Reddy, who has
been participating in Sharmila’s Padayatra from day one when she began her mega
foot march, has decided to walk without cheppals along with her till
Ichchapuram all the way.

“When YSR walked, I
walked for 500 km then seeking God’s blessings for YSR to become CM and I am walking
along now with Sharmila seeking Almighty’s blessings for Jagan to become CM,”
he said proudly.

Not lagging behind,
tobacco farmer Subba Reddy of Irusulagunda in Prakasam district has also been
walking along Sharmila from Idupulapaya to Ichchapuram in the Padayatra.

The stories of these
two persons are only a few to cite people’s unending love for the family
members of YSR and the list goes on and on without an ending.

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