TDP will be immerse in Bay of Bengal.!

Guntur: YSRCP leader Appireddy demanded that Chandrababu Naidu has to bring pressure on Centre for getting special status for the State. If not TDP has to face the same stage as congress warned Appireddy. Congress has been removed by its roots as it supported partition, similarly, TDP will be immersed in Bay of Bengal, expressed his confidence. At least now, Naidu has to change his way and support YS Jagan for the specials status. said Appi Reddy.

Appi Reddy bruised in anger on the TDP and other leaders of it for their behaviour and the way they opposed the peaceful protest lead by Jagan for the sake of the golden future of 5 crores of people. He congratulated and mentioned his sincere thanks to each and everyone who supported the indefinite hunger strike. Further, he congratulated the people, activists and leaders whoever have participated. He also mentioned that he is hoping and awaiting to hear the announcement made by the Prime Minister about special status.


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