TDP Boat Is Sinking Fast

Vizianagaram: YSRCP
MLA Rajannadora commented that TDP was a sinking boat. He made it clear that he
would continue in YSRCP in spite of any kind of enticement. He mentioned that
surveys were stating that TDP would not even in deposits if elections were held
right away. YSRCP extensive meeting happened in Saluru of Vizianagaram
district. District president and MLC Kolagatla Veerabhadra Swamy, Penmetsa
Sambasiva Rao and MLAs Rajannadora and Pushpa Srivani took part in this

Speaking on this occasion,
Pushpa Srivani reminded that Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy had done Pada yatra in 2004
to know people’s problems. She added that the present CM Chandrababu, on the
other hand, had marched to deceive people.

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