SV Should Be Disqualified

Hyderabad: YSR
Congress Parliamentary Party appealed to the speaker of AP assembly, Kodela
Siva Prasad Rao to disqualify SV Mohan Reddy. YSRCP MLAs Kalattur Narayana
Swamy, Ramireddy Pratap Kumar Reddy and Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy met the Deputy
Secretary of AP assembly, Balakrishnamacharya and submitted this report to him,
due to the unavailability of the speaker and the assembly secretary.

The MLAs suggested that SV Mohan Reddy
could not be qualified as an MLA according to Anti-Defection Law. They took to
the notice of the speaker that SV Mohan Reddy had not only worn the TDP scarf
but also announced his joining the party.

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