Sankara Rao toes Vijayamma line

Hyderabad, August 27, 2012: Former minister Sankara Rao today agreed with the view of the YSRCP honourary president YS Vijayamma that the ministers have no right to find fault with and criticize YSR.

Addressing a media conference here, Sankara Rao said he also fully agreed with the view of Vijayamma that the ministers can’t look into the eyes of YSR if he comes alive now.

“Vijayamma asked whether the ministers can look into the eyes of YSR if he comes back. Yes, I agree with her view. They can look into his eyes but they will get burnt up and turn into ashes immediately,” said Sankara Rao, adding that ministers can’t put the blame on YSR for their faults.

Sankara Rao further said people would not tolerate the criticism of YSR. “The Congress party lost in the by-elections as the party leaders criticized YSR,” he said. The congress party has not learnt any lessons from the defeat in the by-elections, he said.

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