Roja says Naidu failed as opp leader

Tirupati, September 17: Actress and YSRCP leader Roja criticised Congress Party and opposition Telugu Desam Party for failing to do their jobs properly. Roja toured in several villages of Satyavedu Assembly constituency in Chittoor district on Sunday along with district YSRCP convener Narayana Swamy.

Addressing the public in Satyavedu, she alleged that as a prime opposition party, TDP had to raise several issues on the floor of the house for speedy solution. However, it has forgotten its duty and mainly concentrated on criticizing YSRCP.

In the party’s nine-year tenure, the TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu had done nothing for the farmers and the proposed ‘Pada Yatra’ for 117 days is meaningless and it was aimed at capturing power in the 2014 general elections, she alleged.

She claimed that TDP and Congress have colluded with each other and this fact was proved earlier on many occasions. Many of the schemes introduced by late NT Rama Rao were withdrawn by Chandrababu and farmers experienced many troubles, she added.

Whoever and whatever the party may be, none can stop YSRCP from coming to power in the next elections, she said. She toured Karampakkam, Bathalavallam, Chilamathur, Matherimitta, Kadipakkam, Varadayapalem and few other villages.
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