I hear people utter 'isakasura'

Mylavaram: The moment I entered the constituency, the first words I heard were that this government is corrupt. Corruption has been rampant under TDP rule—starting from GO Nos 22 and 63 it goes all the way up to Polavaram, Pattiseema and extends up to building capital city and sand mafia. The four years of Chandrababu Naidu sums this up.

We have heard of bakasura, narakasura, but today under the TDP rule I hear people utter 'isakasura' (sand monster). Chandrababu lives by the Krishna river. Thousands of trucks ferry sand which is mined illegally right under his nose. Starting from Mylavaram and Undavalli to Amaravathi, the sand mafia makes crores of rupees on either side of the Krishna river. The entire state has turned into a land of corruption. We have seen several pushkarams but never seen the one that happened under TDP regime, lament people here. Boatmen operate without licenses in Krishna river. Apart from Special Status Status, Chandrababu also misled people on building a world class capital in different parts of the state. He bought lands at cheap prices from the farmers only to tell them later that capital city was not coming up there.

Chandrababu Naidu changed the lands into zones so he and his cronies could get a lucrative price for their lands. His cronies have turned them into a profitable real estate venture. The farmers on the other hand, are struggling to make ends meet, not even being able to get their kids educated or married. There's acute water shortage in this constituency. My father, late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy had initiated four irrigation projects for the benefit of farmers. Three of four were completed during my father's time. However, Chandrababu has been unable to complete even the remaining one. And instead of 25000 acres of land, just 10000 acres of land is getting irrigated.

The rates of crops too have dropped from what they used to be in my father's time. Even the mango growers who have managed to get a bountiful harvest failed to get a fair price for their produce. The same has been the case with pulses, cotton and chilly farmers too. Farmers are struggling to get the minimum support price for their crops over the last four years. His Heritage is the main cause for this. He's doing such injustice to the farmers so his Heritage venture can reap profits. His cronies buy farmers' produce at throwaway prices, package it well and sell at exorbitant prices. Chandrababu promised to waive loans if elected. Now, I am asking the same question after Babu came to power, haven't you been getting bank notices over gold loans instead of waivers? Because the government defaulted on payment of interest on loans of Self Help Groups and farmers, banks refuse to advance loans. He also promised to rid villages of belt shops but what's the reality today? After Chandrababu came to power, wine shops have sprouted across every single village of the state. I am not sure about supply of mineral water but a phone call can get liquor delivered at every doorstep. As if this free flow of liquor wasn't enough to ruin families, Chandrababu is even planning to grant licenses to setting up of microbreweries in the state. The electricity Bill which would be at bare minimum before Chandrababu goes up as high as Rs 1000 today. They even threaten to cut off power supply if bills aren't paid on time. Earlier, Ration shops would disperse all essential commodities. Now, you get nothing but rice of inferior quality under TDP rule. The rice doesn't suffice for the family. Even a penny has not been waived under Chandrababu rule. The fuel price in AP when compared to the neighbouring states is higher. RTC bus prices during festivals costs more than buying tickets in black to watch a new film. Babu said if you need jobs, you have to elect me. (Job kavalante, babu ravali). He also assured the people of the state that every member of their family would have a job regardless of his qualification. He also promised to give Rs 2000 per month to the unemployed youth. But has it happened?

Come elections and Chandrababu makes umpteen promises. But none of them is fulfilled. He now lies that it was because of him that the state got huge investments. Lying is second nature to Chandrababu and he's always lying. If you forgive such a traitor, then he will promise a kilo gold for every household. Would you believe him? He will also promise a benz car for every family. Because he knows you won't trust him, he will send 3000 rupees to every house through his men. But do not accept it. Ask instead for 5000 because the money belongs to you. But when you vote, follow your conscience. Send the liar packing all the way to Bay of Bengal.

If Chandrababu had asked his TDP MPs to resign on the day YSRCP MPs resigned and joined the fast along with them, it would have drawn national attention and we could have achieved special category status for the state. Now, he wants to go on a one-day hunger strike on his birthday. Would you believe such pretence?

Credibility in politics has to be restored. Jagan alone can't achieve this, the way to change the system is when you join hands with me. Our Navarathnalu will ensure the scope of Arogyasri will be extended under Rajanna Rajyam. My father would often say poor people get into debt traps due to two reasons—to educate their children or when they have to borrow money for medical treatment.

Dr YSR's dream was to ensure quick and free medical treatment for the poor. But today, the Arogyasri has been diluted completely. The 108 service too lies in shambles.

YS Jagan promised to restore Dr YSR's pioneering healthcare initiatives Arogyasri and 108 to its former glory.

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