Fee reimbursement plagiarized


Fee reimbursement scheme which
facilitates large number of poor people to complete profeessional courses and
have  their education is the brain child
of Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy. It was implemented by him to the minutest detail.
Later it was shelved by the congress government.

As it is gaining momentum and great
support from the people by  constant
rallies and hunger strikes by  Vijayamma
and YSR Jaganmohan reddy, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu being jealous of their constant
zeal to fight for the issue,  wants to
steal away the credits for himself. He says that it is originally his idea.

In the 2004 and 2009 elections he
promised everything free if he comes into power. Dr. YSR called him 'free
babu'. Now thinking it may be useful in the coming elections, he did not
shudder to steal and say fee reimbursement scheme  is his own.

This is not the first time for
him  to do this. In the past, he
condemned YSR's free power distribution to farmers scheme saying that  the power wires will be used only to hang wet
ctlothes, if it is implemented. But later, he himself condemned the government
for being unable to  implement it

Vijayamma concluding her 2 - day fast
for fee reimbursement criticized Chandrababu for his constant endeavour in
plagiarizing Dr. YSR's schemes. She also reminded that in 2009 elections
Chandrababu promised to give 100 seats on behalf of his party to BCs  but gave only 
47 ticketgs. Instead, YSR had allotted 
67 seats to BCs to contest in the elections.

The more Chandrababu strives to steal
YSR's schemes, the more he loses.

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