Chandrababu till date not fulfilled any of the promises

Rapthadu:YSRCP convener Thopudurthi Prakash Reddy vehemently criticised AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu for trying to give the public a wrong impression regarding the AP DWCRA Loan waiver. 

Speaking to journalists at a meeting in Rapthadu in Anantapur district, Prakash Reddy said that Paritala Sunitha ,Minister of SERP, Women Empowerment, Child Welfare, Disabled and Senior Citizens Welfare had admitted in the Assembly that the DWCRA loans were not yet waived and that the Chief Minister was misleading the public by stating that the government had already waived the loans during his campaigns.He said that Chandrababu Naidu till date has not fulfilled any of the promises made during the previous elections and that the issue about digging one thousand rain harvesting pits was a bogus lie.

He further stated that the government had pocketed crores of rupees in the name of machinery and employment and even when they complained to the officials about the issue no one bothered to listen to them. He further stated that as per the Bachavath tribunal, 4.3 TMC of water has to be supplied to the Bhairavani Tippa Project from the state of Karnataka, but the neither the CM nor his ministers have come forward to question the Karnataka officials regarding this. 
Was it necessary to initiate a project to supply water from the Hundri river to the the Bhairavani Tippa Project spending 968 Crore rupees ,it seemed more like that the project was issued in favour of Minister Kaluva Srinivas to make money he criticised further.
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