Bail to Bhuma Nagi Reddy

Bhuma Nagi
Reddy has been given bail on the wrong case imposed on him. It’s a known fact
that, the Telugu Desam government  has imposed a wrong case on the YSR Congress
senior leader and one of the strong leaders in Kurnool politics, Bhuma Nagi
Reddy. On knowing about the ill-treatment of police with her daughter & young MLA Akhila
Priya, He questioned and stopped the police. He questioned the police on
what reason they are behaving rudely with the youth MLA. With an intention of
arresting MLA Bhuma, which was already planned, the police started irritating
him. Finally, they arrested him under section 353 and 506. Out of fear of
losing the MLC position, the Telugu Desam leaders have well planned, in order
to create a disturbance in the managers of local organizations. After that, he
was unwell and they shifted to Government hospital.
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