Babu’s Double Entendre About Special Status

Vizianagaram: YSRCP leader and MLC Kolagatla Veerabhadra Swamy
remarked that Chandrababu had been speaking of special status in a different
tone every day. He spoke at Vizianagaram on Sunday. He mentioned Chandrababu’s
stating that there was no use of special status, meeting PM Narendra Modi at
Delhi. Coming back to AP, he stated that special status is required. Kolagatla
slammed this double entendre and Babu’s deception towards the people of the
state. He demanded Chandrababu’s clarity about the issue. He questioned why
Chandrababu was not bringing pressure on BJP for achieving the status.
Kolagatla also commented that it was unfair of Chandrababu to go on tours
abroad, leaving the state to suffer from drought.

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