Babu Is More Cunning Than Sakuni

  • Babu scared of discussion on special category status
  • Statements to provoke opposition leaders
  • Marshals' attack on YSRCP MLAs
  • YSRCP reflects people's wishes
  • People's party fighting for special status
Hyderabad: The leaders of opposition YSRCP resisted the conduction of AP assembly on the second day of the sessions. YSRCP MLAs slammed Chandrababu for mortgaging the state's benefits to the centre. They questioned why Chandrababu was so scared to discuss the matter of public interest. Speaking to the media at the assembly's media point, they called it a brazen act to run the house amidst marshals.
Babu's conspiracies are more cunning than Sakuni's: Narayana Swamy
AP CM Chandrababu's mindset was more cunning than that of mythological character Sakuni, commented YSRCP MLA Narayana Swamy. He questioned the reason behind Chandrababu's preference to special package while the people of AP were in favour of getting special category status. He mentioned that the leader of opposition YS Jagan was repeatedly proclaiming about the chance of advent of industries in the state and alleviation of unemployment problem and remarked that Chandrababu was always interested in earning money but not on the state's development.
We are letting the speaker know about people's fury: Y.Visweswar Reddy
People of Ap were in great fury towards the Government in the matter of special category status as it was gaming with the future of the people of AP, stated YSRCP MLA Y.Visweswar Reddy. He mentioned that YSRCP MLAs had tried to reveal about this fury to the speaker and staged protest according to the people's feelings. He questioned if special package was familial issue to Chandrababu to welcome it in the midnight.
The state's future dependent on special status: Rakshana Nidhi
Reminding how the leader of opposition YS Jagan had held programmes like Yuvabheri and agitations and dharnas at Delhi as well as in the state for special category status, YSRCP MLA Rakshana Nidhi slammed Chandrababu had destroyed the future of the students in AP. Mentioning that special status was necessary for the problem of unemployment to be solved in the state, he questioned why the state Government was not bringing pressure on the centre. He questioned Babu was scared of discussion on the matter of public interest.
Surrounding the speaker's podium was in democratic fashion: Sunil Kumar
YSRC MLAs had surrounded the speaker's podium in the assembly out of their aim for achieving special category status, mentioned YSRCP MLA Sunil Kumar. Reiterating that it was the responsibility of the opposition party to inform the speaker about the people's feelings, he specified that he people were awaiting the sanction of special status. He recollected how it had been proclaimed that Chandrababu would never compromise with anything and questioned how could he then compromise in the matter of special category status.
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