Assembly Adjourned To Tomorrow

Hyderabad: TDP retreated in the matter of discussion on special category status and got the assembly session adjourned to tomorrow. The opposition YSRCP insisted on the discussion to happen with utmost importance today. As the party gave adjournment notice on the issue, the speaker set it aside with indifference. The MLAs of the opposition YSRCP insisted on the discussion, as special category status would be a wonder drug for the state and surrounded the speaker's podium in demand. Giving no concern to that, the speaker adjourned the house twice.
After the session resumed, bills were brought to picture. As already planned, Chandrababu went on to read the details of four bills including GST bill amidst the agitation by opposition party MLAs. The bills were accepted right away and the house was adjourned to tomorrow. The ruling party succeeded in winding up one day of the 3-day session without discussing any of the people's problems.
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