We'll give corruption free governance - YS Jagan

Narsipatnam: YSR Congress Party leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy launched election campaign from Narsipatnam, the main entry point of North Andhra region in Visakhapatnam district with a public meeting on Sunday.

Speaking at a mammoth rally near the Narsipatnam Bus Stand, YS Jagan assured the people of corruption-free governance by the YSRCP.

These are some of the highlights from his speech which was punctuated with applause:

-The infamous Janma Bhoomi Committees, synonymous with corruption would be scrapped on the first day

-YS Jagan asked the people of the region to bless the Narsipatnam MLA Candidate Uma Shankar Ganesh and cast their vote for him, as also for the Anakapalli MP candidate, Satyavathi.

- The YSRCP recalled that he travelled across 13 districts and 3,648 Kms and had gained a first-hand insight into the problems faced by the masses. "You walked with me when it was raining heavily and today you chose to come when it is blazing hot", he said.

- YS Jagan appealed to the large gathering to vote for the YSRCP and told them what he had in store for them by way of the overarching system of welfare governance prescribed by YSRCP's Navaratnalu.

-He promised to make education burden-free for children.

- YS Jagan said he would change the way Government schools would function in the first two years of governance.

- YSRCP will ensure better farming schemes and that farmers get the right prices for their produce.

-The party will ensure that 2.30 lakh job vacancies are filled.

-YS Jagan promised caste- free governance in the state.

-YSRCP will accord utmost importance to Jalayagnam irrigation projects for the benefit of farmers and the people at large.

-Welfare schemes will be distributed among every person irrespective of their party affiliations, he said.

-The YSRCP chief added, "We are fighting a war with a cunning wolf...We are fighting against Chandrababu Naidu's illegal atrocities."

-He appealed to voters not to get lured by the Rs 3,000 that the TDP would offer.

-YS Jagan urged the masses to enlighten every female voter on Chandrababu Naidu's DWCRA scam. "If voted to power we will waive your DWCRA loans in four instalments," he added.

-The YSRCP government will give interest free loans to farmers and women

-The state is in a serious state of corruption... Whether it is pension or ration one cannot get any work done without paying a bribe, he said.

-YS Jagan pointed out that the state is in utter chaos and without any law and order. "They murdered my uncle with an axe in his own home", he said

-"A TDP MLA grabs a lady MRO by her hair and the police have taken no action against him till date."

-The YSRCP chief remarked that law and order will be given utmost importance under YSRCP.

-"We will improve the economic conditions of the farmers, SC STs , minorities and women in AP", he said..

-Attaining Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh and ensuring all sectors are developed is also part of our agenda, he said.

-YS Jagan assured people of the state that the party will formulate a new law to ensure that 70 % jobs are given to the locals in the companies that are set up in their respective regions.

-The YSRCP chief assured the people of the state that he would ensure that pending projects are completed and see to it that drinking and irrigation water are supplied.

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