TDP Stopping AP Govt Welfare Schemes From Reaching The Poor: CM YS Jagan


Amaravati: Affirming that the Government has taken up the housing to poor in a big way, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said, Chandrababu Naidu and his Party leaders have been trying to create hurdles by moving courts and the housing schemes in TDP term has been laden with corruption and inflated costs.


Winding up the discussion on TIDCO housing schemes here on Tuesday, the Chief Minister said while the State Government wanted to distribute 30.66 lakh houses TDP leaders and their sympathisers have moved court and stayed the distribution of 3,65,680 houses on flimsy grounds.


We are distributing 68,677 acres of land with a market value of Rs 23,535 crores to 30.66 lakh poor in which 1.5 crore people will be sheltered. We have acquired 25,359 acres of land worth Rs 10,150 crore and the remaining is government land. We have promised 300 sft during electioneering and placed the same in the manifesto. 


TDP leaders and their people have stalled the distribution of houses in Prakasam district where 24,000 beneficiaries were to get the houses, they stalled it in Kakinada where the land we intended to distribute to about 4,800 beneficiaries was ironically adjacent to TIDCO houses. 


In the CRDA region, they moved court and stalled the distribution of 54,000 houses by bringing stay on the grounds of demographic imbalance. In Visakhapatnam, though there was no objection from the people who gave land for land pooling, CPI member, filed a case and brought stay to 1.52 lakh house site distribution. In Ananthapur, a close associate of former minister Paritala Sunita moved the court and stayed the distribution of house sites quoting environmental issues. In Kurnool, excess land of irrigation department was to be distributed but for the litigation of former MLA and in Kothavalasa in Vizianagaram district another stalled the distribution of house sites on flimsy grounds. 


We are going ahead with the distribution of the remaining 27 lakh house site pattas on December 25 and will take up construction of 15.60 lakh houses in the first phase and our MLAs will be touring the sites for 15 days. We will give the option to the beneficiary if they want to build on their own or if they want us to build the houses. The site will of 1,5 cent in rural areas and 1 cent in urban areas.


During electioneering, I have pointed out that TDP housing scheme costs Rs 6 lakh of which Rs. 1.5 lakh each would be given by State and Centre while the remaining Rs 3 lakh would be loan which the poor person should be paying Rs 3,000 per month for a period of 20 years. We have sanctioned Rs 10, 484 crore to pay the loan component.   


When it comes to distribution of houses during their term it was pathetic the TDP module had 224 sft costing Rs 2 lakh per house at the rate of Rs 893 pr sft while we are providing the houses with 340 sft at Rs 1.89 lakh which works out at Rs 529 per sft. 


During the term of Chandrababu Naidu the total houses built under various schemes were 6 lakh. The previous government left a due of Rs 1,410 crores which we have to pay. We have paid Rs 430 crores and another Rs 908 crore will be paid on December 25. 


Though we did not promise about 365 sft and 430 sft while the beneficiary of 365 sft houses are to pay Rs 50, 000 and the 430 sft beneficiary has to pay Rs 1 lakh we have waived half the amount. 


Sanctioning houses is easy but how many were grounded is the point. The Centre had earlier sanctioned seven lakh houses of which only 2.62 lakh houses were grounded and are at various stages of completion and are not ready to occupy. 


When we had gone for reverse tendering, we could save Rs 392 crore on 63, 744 of the 2.62 lakh flats taken up by the previous government which shows the level of corruption. 


Unable to see such stark realities, Chandrababu Naidu has been speaking incoherently, the Chief Minister said. We have promised 300 sft and have placed the same in the manifesto, he said.

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