The Yellow Party Flees

  • TDP Government indifferent to
    people's benefits
  • YSRCP insists on discussion
    of SCS
  • No access to the leader of
    opposition to speak
  • Babu's trials to sidetrack SCS
  • Ruling party suppresses the
  • YSRCP leaders to teh assembly
    for three days in black
  • TDP leaders' atrocities towards
    opposition leaders inside and outside the assembly
  • Chandrababu promised about bringing special category status to the
    state but later became dormant. After been caught in cash for vote case, he
    entered into compromise with the union Government. He pleaded for letting him
    out of his cases at the cost of the state's special category status. Scared of
    confrontation from the opposition parties, he suppressed their voice in the
    recent 3-day assembly sessions. Hardly did the session happen for 1 hour when
    the Government got the house indefinitely adjourned.

    Chandrababu pretty well knows the advantages of the state having special
    category status. Still he did not care to question the union Government about
    it. The reason is his getting caught in audio and video tapes trying to bribe
    MLAs of Telangana with crores of rupees of money. In order to get out of the
    case, he mortgaged the lives of 5 crore people.

    Not only did Chandrababu not fight for the status, but he also tried to pose
    hurdles to opposition YSRCP's fight misusing his power. An illustration for
    this is cutting the access of microphone to the leader of opposition YS

    First Day

    One day before AP assembly sessions started, union finance
    minister Arun Jaitley made an announcement that special category status would
    not be sanctioned to AP, but special package would be given instead. CM
    Chandrababu, instead of condemning it, embraced the announcement and ‘welcomed’
    the decision of the union Government. YSRCP leaders, on the other hand, took to
    condemn it. They marched to the assembly from Tanguturi Prakasam’s statue in
    Ravindra Bharathi in black on the first day. As the leader of opposition YS
    Jagan was about to speak, his microphone was pulled out of service within half
    minute. This led to chaos in the house. The opposition YSRCP proclaimed that it
    would not keep silent if the wishes of five crore people of AP were being
    smashed. It insisted on discussion over special category status, keeping all
    other issues aside. The ruling party declared that the discussion would happen
    after the CM made a statement about it. Speaker Kodela then adjourned the
    house. As soon as the session resumed, YSRCP insisted again on the discussion
    and the house was adjourned to the next day. Speaking on this, YS Jagan
    criticised the CM for staying indifferent to the centre’s injustice towards the
    state. He slammed Chandrababu’s welcoming Arun Jaitley’s statement, slaughtering
    the hopes of the people. He called for a state bandh to be conducted on the 10th
    of September.

    Second Day

    The same was repeated on the second day. Opposition YSRCP again
    insisted on discussing the special status. The ruling party again stated that
    the discussion might happen after the CM’s statement. The house got adjourned
    again by speaker Kodela. After that, YS Jagan spoke to the media and uncovered
    the Government’s conspiracy to the people. He exclaimed that whatever Arun
    Jaitley had announced was nothing new but had already been mentioned in the reorganization
    act. He commented that Babu’s welcoming the union Government’s decision proved
    his political degradedness. He questioned what was stopping Chandrababu from
    withdrawing his ministers from the cabinet. He demanded that Chandrababu
    apologise to the people of AP and resign to his post. He remarked that the
    union Government was giving whatever was being given to every state with more
    than one crore of population like educational institutions, petroleum,
    universities, central institutions, NIMS and RIMS.

    Third Day

    On the third day, the session was adjourned as soon as it began.
    The leader of opposition was hardly given chance to speak. As the leaders of
    YSRCP approached the media point to express their opinions, the ruling party
    leaders created a havoc. After a while, speaker Kodela indefinitely adjourned
    the house.

    The opposition party leaders protested at the statue of Mahatma
    Gandhi. The slammed the tyrannical behaviour of the Government. Speaking to the
    media, YS Jagan condemned Chandrababu’s bossy way of watering down the hopes of
    five crore people and moreover hindered the opposition from speaking on behalf
    of people. All the YSRCP leaders confided that their fight for the achievement
    of special category status would continue until the status reached the people.


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