Top Ten Comments Of YS Jagan

Visakhapatnam : Leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan slammed the deception and faults of Chandrababu's Government. After offering lemon juice to YSRCP's Visakhapatnam president Gudiwada Amarnath, thereby calling off his indefinite hunger strike for special railway zone in Visakhapatnam, he spoke to the media at the hospital where Amarnath had been admitted. Here are the top ten comments from his speech.

1.    It has been two years since Chandrababu came to power. Promises mentioned in reorganisation law have not yet been considered for implementation.

2.    The issue of special status is still existent due to YSRCP's repeated questioning about it otherwise it would have long been forgotten.

3.     Why is the Government not questioning the centre about issues like special status, Polavaram and special railway zone?

4.    Lying and deception are Chandrababu's personality. He has slaughtered the promises made at the time of elections.

5.    Chandrababu has nicely earned the job of the CM of the state but none of the people is getting job. Moreover their existing jobs are being lost.

6.    Why is the centre not implementing promises made on special status, Polavaram and railway zone? Why are your ministers still continuing in the union cabinet?

7.    Chandrababu is not questioning the Government out of his fear for having to face inquiry on buying MLAs with corrupt money.

8.    Make your recently bought MLAs to resign or disqualify them if you dare.

9.   Let us face the people. It will prove who among us has their trust.

10.  Let us all unite to work for the consolidation of movement for special railway zone.

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