The State-wide bandh was adjourned for a day

Hyderabad: The State-wide band proposed for the special
status is postponed a day. In fact, the party called for the strike on 28th of
this month. However, the same day, the women celebrate varalaksmi vratham. As a
noble intention of not to disturb the day the strike was postponed to August
29. The senior leader of the party Botsa Satyanarayana, announced it. 

He mentioned that the
TDP leaders in Delhi, began a new propaganda and drama about the packages. He
questioned the TDP leaders, Are these new packages only to have good shares? He
stated his opinion on Chandrababu that he is inclined to more political
business. Bothsa said that, because of this reason, the TDP government is not
putting any pressure on the Centre for the special status. However, he said
that the only party which is daring to sacrifice to achieve the special status
is only the YSRCP

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