Rs.295 crores’ reward for son’s co-brother

Here is another proof for CM Chandrababu’s misuse of power. His son Lokesh’s father-in-law and Hindupuram MLA Balakrishna has another daughter who is married to the son of MSP Ramarao. His VBC (Visakha Blotting Company) Fertilizers, Chemicals Ltd. was simply granted 498.93 acres of land of value Rs. 300 crores at Jayanthipuram of Jaggayyapet mandal which is in close proximity to the state’s core capital for a price as low as Rs.4.98 crores. So it is understood that Rs.295 crores was simply given as dowry to Lokesh’s co-brother.

Later orders were issued to bring Jaggayyapet under CRDA (Capital Region Development Authority) in view of adding more value to these lands.  This raised eyebrows among officials. It is known that Balakrishna’s second daughter has been recently married to the son of MSP Ramarao, the son of ex. MP and MLC Dr.MVVS Murthy. After tying up alliance with binami, CM Chandrababu Naidu issued these orders on the 22nd of September.

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