The Reasons Behind YSRCP's Strike For Railway Zone

  • A strike for fulfilling the wishes of people of North Andhra region
  • Railway zone promised under bifurcation act
  • Fight against TDP's failure

  • Visakhapatnam: YSRCP is setting out for a direct struggle demanding the sanction of a special railway zone for Visakhapatnam. The party's district president Gudiwada Amarnath is going to commence an indefinite strike from the 14th of this month, as per the suggestion given by the party's president and leader of opposition YS Jagan.

    Background of Special Railway Zone

    Southeast railway zone that had been present initially was changed to East Coastal railway zone in 2003. Bhuvaneswar was the centre point for this zone. Almost the whole of Orissa state, two districts of Chattisgarh and three districts of Andhra Pradesh were included in this. It included Nambalpur, Valtair and Khurda road divisions. Orissa had domination over issues like Eastcoast railway recruitment and other facilities. People of North Andhra region were not benefited as a result. Hence a demand for special railway zone with Valtair as centre was consolidated. This is still gathering strength with time.

    Promise in bifurcation act

    At the time when Congress party and Telugu Desam Party conspired to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh state, certain promises were given to the new AP state. One of them was arrangement of a special railway zone to Visakhapatnam. This was also mentioned in the bifurcation act. People of North Andhra region were delighted with this. But TDP disregarded the word given to them. It made few trials to talk to the centre or bring pressure for its accomplishment. This attitude of the Government has left the people of the region helpless.

    YSRCP takes initiative on behalf of people

    YSR Congress Party has taken up the responsibility to fight on behalf of people for achieving the special railway zone promised. It held protest at different levels. Yet there was no response from the TDP Government or the BJP Government. It fixed the 14th of April as the deadline and cautioned the Government that it would get into direct fight in case of continuity of indifference.

    Visakhapatnam district's president of YSRCP Gudiwada Amarnath is going to comnence an indefinite hunger strike from the 14th of this month, as per the suggestion given by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president, YS Jagan. Programmes have been fixed in the three districts of North Andhra region in support of the strike.

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