Mr Chandrababu, Where are the jobs?

The four-and-a-half year Chandrababu Naidu rule has left the youth frustrated and appalled. It gave them nothing but anger and desperation. In 2014, he marshaled all his Macheavellian acumen to dupe the people and win the elections. 

Once he came to power, he wrote the epitaph for the aspirations of the youth. He promised several things and duped the youth. The slogan “Job ravalante Babu Kavali” has made the young voters to believe that he would deliver. But, once elected, he forgot everything.

He made the voters believe that the industries would flock to AP if Chandrababu is the CM. He weaved a make-believe magic of job opportunities in IT, Petroleum, Ports, government and private companies. 

Whenever he went abroad, he doled out stories that investors were flocking to AP. He promised job notifications, but the reality is that there is not even second DSC in AP. Instead of recruiting people to fill the vacancies, Chandrababu Naidu is resorting to job outsourcing. His policies are only helping the outsourcing companies being run by his partymen. 

The latest AE recruitment drama in the AP power supply department is a case in point.

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