Lack Of Proper Study In Capital Construction

Vijayawada: Experts opine that the construction of capital city is going on in Amaravathi without proper scientific study. A committee of experts on social areas and constructions has toured in Amaravathi. Retired professor of school of social sciences, Amitab Kundu and senior professor of JNU, C.Ramachandraiah were present in the committee. They toured in the villages of capital area as per the requests from farmers. The experts expressed their astonishment towards the Government's not doing social or geographical examination in Amaravathi. They exclaimed that there was no comparison between the discussion going on throughout the country about Amaravathi and the real situation of it. They declared that it was meaningless of the state Government to form survey committees when inquiry was going on in NGT about the affected environment.

The experts' committee has slammed collection of agricultural lands capable of yielding three crops a year for the capital city construction. They warned that the Government's decisions might cause not only legal troubles but also environmental problems in future.

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