Irregularities For The Sake Of TDP Leaders

  • Private buses dominating RTC
  • Care taken to escape checking
  • TDP leaders' buses earning good enough

Hyderabad: RTC is respecting and bearing with private buses in order to satisfy TDP leaders. Rented private buses are being encouraged for the sake of the yellow leaders. Irregularities in the area are being encouraged by offering TIM to the private personnel working in rented buses. This is leading to unaccounted income.

RTC has gathered 2,920 buses on rental basis and is running service in the respective routes throughout the 13 districts of the state. The rent paid for the buses is Rs.20 per kilometer while the income on an average is just around Rs.22-Rs.25. While RTC buses are earning about Rs.10,000 a day, private buses are hardly collecting Rs.7,000. The management is simply arguing that the department's burden can be minimised and salaries can be paid by the help of private buses.

As squad teams are not conducting any checking in rented buses, the private personnel are behaving at their will. Complaints are mounting in this area from Guntur, Prakasam, Krishna, Vizianagaram and Chittoor districts. It is heard that orders have been issued from higher authorities to the squad teams not to bother walking towards private buses.

Due to handing over TIMs to the private staff in rented buses, irregularities are taking place. Labour organisations' leaders are cautioning that this may pose severe problems to the RTC if not hindered.

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