Insensitive Face Of Chandrababu Govt Revealed

It's a practice for people to dial 108 in case of distress, be it an accident or sudden illness. Henceforth, 108 may not respond at night because the staff have been instructed to ply the vehicles (ambulance) only during the day. According to the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister's core dash board 422 out of 439 ambulances are being operated currently while the reality is that only 342 ambulance vehicles are functional. This was revealed by the staff of 108 service.

There is yet another shocker which reveals the ugly and insensitive face of the Chandrababu Naidu government. The 108 staff have been directed to respond to a distress call within a radius of 5 kilometres. What is worse is that they have been advised to say that they are busy if the call originates from a place beyond the 5-km distance! As a result, in several parts across Andhra Pradesh, people involved in road mishaps or affected by a sudden illness are getting a message saying that the staff is busy.

The staff complained that they were threatened with dismissal should they report this to the media. 90% of these ambulances lack minimum emergency facilities like oxygen cylinder and medicines while the condition of the vehicle itself is pitiable. It may be recalled that employees had given a call for a protest earlier and threatened to strike work at any given point after two rounds of talks failed.
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