I am not guilty...I am a pet lover

Once upon a time, there was a dispute between an oil dealer and a butcher. They went to Birbal for justice. The butcher told Birbal “This oil dealer walked into my meat store for selling me oil. As I stepped inside to get a container, he stole my cash bag and started to claim it was his. Please see that I get my bag back.” The oil dealer then went on to say “He is lying. The cash bag is mine. I was counting my coins when he saw me and laid his eye on my bag with greed. Please serve me justice.” Upon repeated questioning the two people stuck to their argument. Birbal plotted a plan to solve this strange situation. He got a big vessel of water and dropped the coins inside the water. A film of oil was formed on the surface of the water. Everybody understood that the cash bag belonged to the oil dealer. Hence he was given the coins and the butcher was punished. Are you puzzled to see a childhood moral story in place of a news article?

Do you remember the Akbar-Birbal stories we read as kids? We remember them or not, minister Ravela Kishore Babu’s son Ravela Susheel remembers them pretty well. To understand this better, go on to read the following story.

Ravela Susheel made attempts to bluff that he was not guilty of holding anybody’s hand. He also tried to threaten the police with his status of a minister’s son. As this did not work, he finally recited a story of his own. He said he got down the car seeing a dog due to his love for pets. Then a woman started shouting at him for no reason and people gathered there because of her shouting. Before he could explain what had happened, the people lost their patience and beat him, stated Ravela Susheel. He also added that this issue had been unnecessarily stretched, although it actually ended right on Friday night. His short story would have been a success, if not with the modern technology.

Video tapes from CC cameras exposed the reality. The video footage clearly showed that Susheel’s vehicle had followed the woman. As the victim was walking by a road in Banjara Hills, Susheel followed her long way, driving his white ‘Toyota Fortuner’ car very slowly. CCTV camera visuals also show that the victim tried move away from the road as the vehicle came onto her.

Representatives of woman welfare societies are expressing their disapproval towards Susheel’s behaviour towards a woman in light of his arrogance due to the ruling party’s assurance. They condemned the Government for saving criminals of this sort instead of ensuring the public of safety and security.

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