Guntur Govt hospital house for Snakes & Rats

No Change in Government behavior despite infant’s death
Governance in sleep…Officers negligent
Patients worry on Rat’s attack

Guntur: Government’s negligence is costing lives of patients. The Guntur Hospital is swarming with Snakes & Rats. The patients were worried of the attacks. Despite lessons learnt, the Government is acting quite carelessly, not taking any action.

No Change in Government behavior despite infant’s death
Due to Government’s negligence an infant has fallen victim to the rats. Before forgetting this incident, yesterday, a snake entered the hospital. Just after that rats attacked a woman. The patients were in fear due to the swarming rats and snakes in the hospital. But, there is no trace of any action from the Government!

Medication later…first catch these rats!
The patients were furious on the sight of a snake in the hospital. Just within 24 hours after that rats attacked a woman under treatment in orthopedic ward. The rats ate the fingers of Yesamma(40). She was then shifted to emergency ward immediately. These incidents will reveal the level of attention the Government is paying on the Government hospitals. The people are saying that better treatment is anyway not available in these hospitals and are requesting the government to at least catch these swarming rats & snakes in the hospital.
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