Contribution Of YS Vijayamma To YSRCP

president of YSR Congress Party, YS Vijayamma has fought at many occasions on
behalf of the party for the benefit of the people of the state. She has
participated in protests and agitations too. Let us have a look at instances of
her contribution, in light of her 61st birthday.

1. Maha
Dharna (16-07-2012):  YS Vijayamma participated and spoke in the protest
held by YSRCP at Pulivendula against the Government’s indifference towards
farmers’ problems.

2. Maha
Dharna (17-07-2012):  She held a protest from the morning to the afternoon
in front of Vijayawada Transco SE Office against the imposed power cuts.

3. Handloom
strike (23-07-2012): One-day strike in support of handloom workers at Sirisilla
of Karimnagar district

 4. Fees strike (13-08-2012 to 14-08-2012):
 Two days’ strike at Eluru of West Godavari District in support of poor
students against the Governmnet’s behaviour regarding fees reimbursement

5. Fees
Poru srike (06-09-2012 to 07-09-2012): Strike for two days at Indira Park
protesting against the Government’s slaughter of fees reimbursement scheme
introduced by Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy

6. Maha
Dharna on power tariffs (09-07-2013): Protest in front of Kurnool SE office as
part of state-level maha dharnas against hike in power charges

7. Maha
Dharna against power cut and hike in power charges (04-03-2013): Participation
along with Sharmila in the Maha dharna at Sattenapalli constituency of Guntur district
against the unusual power cuts and hike in power charges

8. Current
Satyagraham (02-04-2013 to the midnight of 06-04-2013): 5-day agitation at New
MLA quarters in demand of withdrawal of decision regarding raised electricity

9. Protest
against YS Jagan’s arrest (28-05-2013):  In light of completion of one
year since YS Jagan’s arrest, YS Vijayamma held an agitation at Indira Park
along with YS Bharati and other party leaders.

10. Fees
strike (18-07-2013 to 19-07-2013): 2-day strike at India Park demanding the
implementation of fees reimbursement scheme

11. Indefinite
hunger strike (19-08-2013 to 24-08-2013 11 am): Hunger strike at Guntur against
the one-sided decision taken by Congress Government over the bifurcation of the

12. Participation
in support of the maha dharna held at Jantar Mantar of Delhi by the Secretariat’s
Seemandhra Employee Forum demanding continuation of united state of AP.

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