Chief Secretary Teaches The CRDA In His Style

eerie is happening in case of construction of AP’s capital city. There is
something suspicious going on behind Chandrababu’s going after companies of
Singapore. His involvement at every step, barring ministers and officials in
this matter is raising eyebrows. This is the topic of discussion among people
and political circles since quite some time. Ministers’ committee’s
recommendations expose the CM’s additional initiative in the whole matter. The
proposals receiving pre-submission approval from the CM, the files then going
to the officials and the Government’s Chief Secretary’s condemnation of the
whole procedure are certainly raising suspicion about what is cooking.

he takes care of everything

committee’s recommendations clearly mention that the CM has been personally taking
care of negotiations and financial transactions with Singapore companies. It
has also been mentioned that Chandrababu has talked on the phone to the foreign
affairs minister of Singapore, Eshwaran. Chandrababu has also signed in
agreement to the recommendations. But infrastructure authority has not agreed
to accept these recommendations even after signature of the CM. This authority
has assembled in the secretariat and the details have come out.

Secretary slams the whole thing

Chief Secretary Tucker raised objection about sending the files to officials after
the CM has accepted the recommendations. He demanded the CRDA officials how the
authority could accept after the CM has already accepted, Babu being the
chairman of CRDA. He made it clear that asking the authority to hastily accept
to the recommendations was improper. He ridiculed the CRDA by saying that the
CRDA should have been taken to the cabinet meeting without involving the CS. He
questioned how authority meeting could happen without finding the opinions of
the relevant departments.

of opinions after CM’s approval?!

officers fell into confusion after facing the fury of the Chief Secretary. They
finally informed that they would send files to concerned departments for
gathering opinions. Then the CS questioned them what they would do if the
concerned department’s officials denied to the recommendations already accepted
by the CM. With the CRDA having no answer to this question, CS Tucker suggested
that legal advice should be taken in this regard to make sure if regulations
had been followed according to infrastructure development act 2001.

to take legal advice

Tucker expressed doubts regarding the CM-approved recommendations of ministers’
committee as well as the discounts offered by the consortium of Singapore companies
and development agreement. He ordered certain officials to clear these doubts
and requested for legal advice. Department of law, in response to this, stated
that the opinion of the Advocate General had to first be gathered. CS Tucker
made it clear that he was not ready to accept according to the Government’s

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