Chandrababu's Ministers Make The State Notorious

  • Babu is a topic of discussion at national level
  • A place earned in the list of millionaires after land mafia
  • Half of the state ministers are criminals
  • Four of them recognised for huge crimes
  • Ministers Devineni and Acchennayudu charged for harassing women

Ministers of AP are becoming notorious at national level for their corruption. Association of Democratic Reforms conducted a survey which revealed shocking facts. 

Mafia of the rich

Chandrababu has been busy with land mafia since two years in the capital area. While Chandrababu stood as the foundation for this mafia, minister Narayana offered himself to be the building. These two men are aware of the transactions being made with benami companies of Singapore. Even the other ministers hardly know the facts. It is hard to assess the amount of black money being piled up. They reached the top level in the list of rich people of India with their unlawful income. According to the details presented by ADR, minister Narayana stood first in the list with a property of Rs.496 crore. Chandrababu occupied the fourth place with Rs.177 crore. These are the numbers officially on Government's records. If unlawful assets were measured they would have occupied place in international records.

Half of the ministers are criminals 

After Chandrababu came into power there is no limit for the mafia, scams and corrupt activities of TDP leaders. The police are terrified to go to their vicinity. It is well-known what a woman Tehsildar had to face when she tried to question a TDP leader's unlawful activities. It is needless to talk about the atrocious Call Money sex racket that happened in Vijayawada. ADR has declared that half of the ministers of AP are criminals, with police cases registered against them. Four of them have been identified as major criminals. First two places in the list of people harassing women were occupied by the yellow ministers Devineni Uma and Acchennayudu. So this is the real form of our ministers.

Ministers follow Babu 

If Chandrababu goes on the righteous path, we can expect other ministers to do the same. He himself is immersed in corrupt activities with Pattiseema scheme, liquor mafia, capital land mafia and others. Then how can we expect his ministers to be righteous? Ultimately TDP made the state notorious.

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