Chandrababu’s deception to Hyderabadis

Hyderabad: Chandrababu might have delivered statements at least a twenty times like all Telugu-speaking people are
the same and TDP would stay supportive of Telugu man wherever and whenever, in
the last 2 years. But in reality, he is showing the other face.

Hype at the time of elections

People of twin cities
Hyderabad and Secunderabad believed in babu’s words at the time of 2014
elections. That was why they voted for TDP in the twin cities, although the
party could not stand victorious in other areas of Telangana. It is also said
that people of AP went all the way to the state in rental vehicles to vote for
the party. They believed that he would do wonders upon coming into power. Oh,
yes. He in fact did wonders!

Shock in the area of loan waiver

Chandrababu, after coming into power, forgot all about the promise
for waiver of loans, except in very less number of cases. The amount sanctioned
did not equal at least a third of the interest on the loans. Hyderabad
residents could not enjoy at least this. A mere signature forbade the people
with Hyderabad Aadhar card from being qualified for loan waiver.

Shock in the area of education

Chandrababu usually boasts about encouraging students of AP
wherever they are. Almost 40,000 students from AP are in the twin cities,
studying under fees reimbursement scheme. Chandrababu, as well as TDP leaders
speak about assisting these students. But not one rupee was sanctioned in
reality. So the managements of the respective colleges are demanding fees from
the students. Upon inquiry with e-pass, the website is replying that it is an
inter-state problem. The students are in a dilemma about continuing their
education, while facing insult in colleges.

While people are facing problems due to him, Chandrababu is going
on bluffing people with the name of Nava Nirmana Deeksha and other

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