Chandrababu Tall Claims On US Investments In AP Is 'Bogus'

At a time when the IT industry is facing downtrend in the world, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's claim that nearly 500 US based IT companies are keen  to invest in Andhra in the next 12 months awestruck the entire business fraternity.  

Chandrababu was holding series of meetings with NRIs' owned IT companies and invited them to set up their firms in Andhra. Interestingly,  no major IT company owned by US investors stayed  attended the meetings.  
Chandrababu tweeted 'with the aim to start 500 new it companies in AP in the next 12 months, met with representatives from around 80 IT companies from all of USA ". His tweet has  gone viral on social media and received brickbats from different sections. 

The IT industry wondered why Chandrababu is making such false statements when the  IT majors are cutting down their investments and shifting their outsourcing units from India to USA under the influence of President Donald Trump's new trade policy introduced recently.  

Most of the investors attended the meeting concentrated only to strengthen their rapport with Chandrababu. Majority of them expressed their interest to invest in Andhra with an eye to get personal favours from the CM.  Leaders says Chandrababu's false propaganda on investments exposed the AP government’s bankruptcy.
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