Chandrababu challenged.. Assembly witnessed
Confusions with Announcements
Baseless accusals

Hyderabad: The Telugu Desam party tried to behave ridiculously and failed miserably in the Assembly. The lies & deceptions of Chandrababu and his Ministerial cadre were exposed in front of everyone. They were taken aback and retreated when Opposition Leader & YSRCP President Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy questioned them strongly on baseless allegations.

Drama with Advertisements
The Chief Minister Chandrababu steered high drama on Assembly platform. During the debate on Special Status he made an announcement, the copies of the announcement were distributed to the members in the assembly but Jagan confronted him when he observed that Chandrababu’s speech has no match to the announcement matter in the note distributed. He said that he is ready to resign if he was proven wrong on his confronted matter and challenged if Chandrababu is ready. The ruling party maintained silence on this. 

Ridiculous Allegations
When YS Jagan was speaking Minister Accham Naidu interrupted him and made false allegations. He said that YS Jagan has met TRS leaders in an hotel in Hyderabad. YS Jagan countered these allegations and challenged that he will resign if that story was proved and challenged Chandrababu if he will resign if not proven. Again, the Ruling Party became dumb.

No answer to questions..!
There is no answer to the direct questions asked by YS Jagan. For everything the ruling party tried to escape by making abuse on personal matters. This proves that the Telugu Desam leaders were talking all nonsense and making baseless false allegations.
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