The benefits of Special Status..!

Special Status…Oxygen for the State..!
Industries or Jobs everything with Status..!

The Special Status is like Oxygen to the state. Jobs, Industries or Tax Exemptions & subsidies everything is possible only with Special Status. When compared with other states, the states with Special Status has more benefits & advantages. The Central grants for states with Special Status are 90% and just 10% is loan. The amount received as grant need not be paid back but loans need to be paid back.

Will come flying… if subsidy’s given
The industries in Special Status states will get huge subsidies. They get 100% excise duty exemption and 100% exemption in Income Tax. If Tax exemptions and freight reimbursements were possible the industrialists will land here to invest hugely in the state and thus lakhs of jobs will be created. With 10 years of Special Status the 13 districts of AP will each become as Hyderabad. Every company starts hiring. And also because of Tax exemptions the prices of essential commodities will come down.

90% loans from Central
For taking up construction of projects, Metro Rail, Visakhapatnam-Chennai Industrial Corridor and others, thousands of crores is required. We have to take loans from foreign agencies for doing this but with Special Status 90% grants will be given by the Central Government and it will also bear interests. The promises like Handri-Neeva & Galeru-Nagari water projects, Visakha-Chennai Industrial Corridor, Vijayawada & Visakhapatnam Metro Rail are as per the separation act. If all these promises to be implemented Special Status is very essential to the state. If Special Status was not granted, the state will suffer due to lack of investments and jobs.

The States benefited by Special Status
In Uttarakhand State 2000 industries were set up after Special Status was granted. This resulted in 490% increase in Job opportunities. The Himachal Pradesh which is backward compared to AP, got 10000 industries after Special Status. The State with 5 crore people and 972 kms coastline, Andhra Pradesh will become a giant with Special Status. With the ruling government speaking that Special Status is not that beneficial and not a big deal, already great damages were done. The Ruling party leaders were casting aside the benefits of Special Status even after five people sacrificed their lives for Special Status. The time has come to save our state from the adamant ruling party, by fight & protest to achieve Special Status.
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