3 cases for drunken drive, only 1 case for attack on Jagan?

Even in drunk and drive incidents, the police are slapping two to three cases. Ditto with traffic violations. The cops slap cases to ensure that the culprits do not escape the dragnet. If one posts an anti-TDP post, he faces eight to nine cases under different sections. But, see the contrast. Srinivas, the assailant who attacked YS Jagan at Vizag airport, has just one case slapped on him. What travesty?

The police seem to be investigating the case from just one angle. There have been long allegations, especially from the Opposition, that the police of AP are in cahoots with the ruling party. In Jagan attack case too, many people see a clear attempt to water down the case. 

Usually, when such issues are taken up, the probe is done in several angles and cases are slapped in such a way that the assailant cannot escape the long arm of the law. But, in this case, the police and the ruling dispensation appear to be striving to save Srinivas. Even the probe is not being done in all angles. The police have not addressed a second presser on the issue. Even while Jagan was still in the airport, the police said that the probe was over. And come to think of it, they were probing an attack on the leader of the opposition and the chief of one of the biggest political parties in the Telugu states.

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