No clarity in TDP's no trust move

Press Release

Hyderabad, Dec 9, 2013: YS Congress has demanded the TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu to spell out his stand with clarity and tell the people the main demand in the no confidence motion his Party has moved against the UPA Government.

“The double-speak of Naidu has reached its peak and his theatrics have been incomprehensive as only a section of the TDP MPs had given the no confidence notice. Of the six MPs the Party has in the Parliament, it is a two-four affair and Naidu should say what is the demand of the Party for moving the no confidence motion,” YSRCP spokesperson Gattu Ramachandra Rao told reporters here on Monday.

Naidu had ridiculed us when we moved a no trust vote against Kiran Kumar Reddy government stating that they do not have the numbers and did not go with the opposition instead issued a whip and saved the Congress government.

In house of 294 members TDP had 90 MLAs and Naidu said that their numbers are not sufficient for the no-trust move.  Having single digit numbers in a house o 545 members how TDP could have the numbers to move the motion, he said.

Naidu has been acting at the behest of Congress high command and has been saving the ruling party at the Centre and at the State on several occasion from the crucial FDI voting to several other occasion and the no trust vote is only a drama, he said.

There is no clarity on the stand of Naidu, he neither withdraws the letter he has given for dividing the state nor does he speak about a united state. Even his 6 MPs have different view points on the division issue. It would be prudent if TDP openly tells what the main demand of the no trust move is.

“When we moved the no- trust move, we clearly said that it is against indifference of Congress in handling the farmer’s issue. But TDP now has no clarity on its stand,” he said.     

Naidu has been advocating that four states have voted against corruption and Congress has lost. Naidu has been losing right from 2001 and the inference is that his corrupt practices went deep into the people’s mind.

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who was falsely implicated in cases has come clean in the people’s court with a thumping majority of over five lakh votes and the party performed stupendously well in the by-elections while TDP lost deposits and failed to win a single seat, he said.

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