Kiran taking credit for what YSR did

Press Release

, Nov 20, 2012: YSR
Congress party on Tuesday described as unfortunate the stance of the Chief
Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy and other Congress leaders in not mentioning the
name of YSR and his contribution during the inauguration of the Handri-Neeva

MLA G. Srikanth Reddy told media persons here that Kiran Kumar and Congress
leaders mentioned the name of even NTR but failed to remember the contribution
of YSR towards the project. 

initiated the Handri-Neeva project but YSR spent Rs.3600 Cr and completed 90
per cent of the works on it. The present Government wants to take credit for
the entire project by taking up some nominal works and releasing water for the
name sake,” he remarked.

the Government not ashamed for forgetting to mention YSR and his contribution
for the project?” Srikanth Reddy said and asked Kiran Kumar and PCC chief
Botcha Satyanarayana to introspect over their stance.

Reddy said the Government failed to complete any of the major projects
initiated by YSR in the last three years. “Nothing has gone ahead on
Pulichintala, Polavaram and Pranahita-Chevella projects. But on Handri-Neeva,
the Government has been indulging in self-aggrandizement by taking up nominal
works of the project which was completed up to 90 per cent during YSR period,”
he observed.

coming to power, Srikanth Reddy said, YSRCP would take the initiative and focus
on the 86 projects which were part of the Jalayagnam initiated by YSR. 

about TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu’s promises to the farmers during his
Padayatra, Srikanth Reddy said people are laughing at his assurances and
promises as Naidu is known for changing his stances frequently.

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