Praja Sankalpa Yatra Day 45 Schedule

The schedule of the Day 45 of the Praja Sankalpa Yatra has been finalised. According to a release by party state general secretary Talasila Raghuram, the yatra will begin from Nambula Pulakunta in Kadiri Assembly constituency at 8 AM on Wednesday.

He would cover Diguvatuvvapalli Cross, Kothapalli Cross, Mallemvaripalle and Papannagari Palle in the forenoon. In the post-lunch session, the yatra would begin from Pedaballi and end at Balijapalli. At 5 PM, he would hoist the party flag at Balijapalli.

On Day 44, YS Jagan covered Veparalla Cross, Thalla Kalva, Rekkamanu and Gajulavaripalle in the forenoon on Tuesday. In the afternoon, he hoisted the party flag near Dhaniyani Cheruvu. He also addressed a women's conference there. In the evening, D Kothapalli, Kottalavaripeta and Bandaruchetlupalli. On Day 44, YS Jagan walked for 15.2 km.
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