Jagan promises 25 districts,decentralisation of governance

Ichchapuram : The long march of YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has concluded into an assurance of better governance to the doorstep through decentralisation of administration and increasing the districts from 13 to 25 for efficiency and the improvised version of Navaratnalu to benefit all sections of the society.

The 3,648-km odyssey in a space of 341 days, culminated into a public meeting at the north-eastern tip of the state here on Wednesday and the Leader of Opposition addressed a mammoth gathering where he announced that when the Party comes to power with the blessings of the people, decentralisation of administration and governance would take the centre stage to ensure that all welfare schemes would reach all sections of the society.

Though the Praja Sankalpa Yatra has concluded the fight for justice continues, the Leader of Opposition said and appealed to the people to join him in the fight against injustice and Chandrababu Naidu who has been cheating all the sections of people with his coterie and his friendly propagators.

With the number of districts increasing from 13 to 25, governance would be transparent and easy and village secretariats would form as the focal points from where all the Navaratnas would reach out to the local populace on saturation basis without looking into political, social or other parameters.

Volunteers would be taken in to cover 50 houses in every village and coordinate with Village Secretariat who will be responsible for delivering the fruits of the Navaratnas as well. He asked the coordinators to display all the details of all the welfare schemes at village level.

Chandrababu Naidu has ditched all the people for the past 4.5 years and has been changing colours, tunes and stance frequently and has always looked after the welfare of his coterie but never bothered about the people. 

He has been moving from one camp to the other without any scruples as he crossed over to the Congress camp from BJP after the 4 year honeymoon and suddenly started speaking about Special Category Status (SCS) and other issues which he had derided while sharing power with NDA.

He was looking at the national canvas, despite the skimpy means and shortcomings in the State and he shamelessly went to Telangana to propagate that the turncoats should be voted out. In his own state he had bought 23 MLAs and inducted four of them into the cabinet as well.

Corruption has been rampant in the state and Chandrababu Naidu has turned financier to others during elections but people are in no mood to believe him anymore.

‘Throughout my 14-month Padayatra, which was a great experience, I was told by people belonging to various sections, trades and professions about their hardships which has strengthened my resolve to further fight the sly means of Chandrababu Naidu government and I appeal to the people to join hands in the fight for justice, he said.

Agriculture, education, health, artisans, small industries and cooperative sector have been totally neglected by Chandrababu Naidu government. His 650 odd promises were totally left out and during his present term, many people lost jobs and government schools were closed down to benefit his coterie.

There should a sweeping change in the system and such change can be ushered in only when cheats and people who do not keep up their word are rejected outright, he said and affirmed that the Yatra has come to an end but the fight for justice will continue.

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